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Civil Weddings in the Province of Verona, at Tenuta Albertini.

From now on, it is possible to celebrate Civil Weddings in the Province of Verona, at Tenuta Albertini in Zevio. The town council’s deliberation formally established our Tenuta as a separate office for civil weddings’ celebrations. As asked by the restaurant owners, the contract between the parts declares that Tenuta Albertini must make a room with at least seven chairs available to the bride and groom for the ceremony. The town council considered a price of €250,00 appropriate for celebrating civil weddings out of office, as a reimbursement of expenses for a public official to be present: usually the mayor or a delegate.
(From an article in the local newspaper “L’Arena”, 23/03/2018)

Therefore, Verona has also assigned many “out of office” spaces as council room for civil weddings celebrations. Among these spaces, Tenuta Albertini has been recognised appropriate, since it is a stunning location with wide gardens, that permits to celebrate weddings outside too, in a magic atmosphere!